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2017 TERM 2


03 MAY:   Les:  Couple Shoot/Portrait Photography

10 MAY:   Submit photos for Rauch Gertenbach photo gallery (RGPG)

10 MAY:   Les:  Aksie/Action photography

18 MAY:   RGPG evening visit

24 MAY:   Les:  B&W Architecture

31 MAY:   Social/Show and tell


Photo gallery meetings are hosted monthly by Rauch Gertenbach Attorneys Inc. in Mossel Bay.
Photos selected get displayed for a month on the wall in the gallery.

Meeting times:             18:00
Meeting venues:           Advertiser Building, 10 Church Street, Mossel Bay
Submission of images:  3
Size of images:            Crop 2x3 or 4x6
Titles of images:          "Title of image _ Your name


2017 Photography Club

These amazing photographs were taken during their camp in the Knysna area.


What a wonderful time we’ve had so far this year. We decided to do things a bit differently this year, taking the learners out to a variety of places and venues and doing practical hands-on photography courses. With the help of a professional photographer, Ms Frances Pretorius, our young photographers were introduced to the different aspects of photography and we now have quite a few trigger-happy photographers. During the first term we went to the Harry Giddy Gardens, The Blue Shed Coffee shop and The Point. Two learners, Jane van der Lith and Martin Lategan, and Ms Pelser and Ms Pretorius went to the Slypsteen Photography Workshop: Pictures that Talk from 4 – 6 March. The course was very interesting and included talks on basic camera techniques and astro-photography. Learners even made their own rock-art tablets.

Our photographers are responsible for taking photos at school events, and especially in terms of sport, we are very proud of the amazing, high-quality photographs that they produce. The photography club continues to meet on Wednesday afternoons. Learners that are interested to join can contact Ms Pelser or Ms Slabbert.

Photography 2016

Photography Club

We realise that we have to cater for teenagers' changing interests and therefore we started a Photography Club at the beginning of this year.

Classes are taught at R20,00 each by a professional photographer, Mr Alwyn Roets.

Photography Club members are asked to take photographs of specific occasions and these photographs are then assessed during classes. Members are also taken on outings during which specific photographs are taken. On occasion Mr Roets brings his equipment to school and then the learners are given the opportunity to take portfolio photographs of the school's models.

We have been approached by local lawyers, Rauch and Gertenbach, who manage a Photography exhibition, to exibit our photographs there.