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Point puts recycled materials to good use

Point High upheld its annual tradition by hosting its fourth Wear Art parade, where the Visual Art learners were able to flaunt their designs and creations. The learners created day and evening wear from everyday recyclable products - cans, glass, chocolate wrappers, plastic spoons, bottle labels or bubble-wrap.

The learners created masterpieces from unappreciated objects and managed to reflect their individual personalities in their designs. The beaming faces of the participants displayed the pride they had in their articles of clothing.

Anya Brits, a grade 11 learner, described the designs as ‘exotic' and ‘imaginative'. Every fashion piece embodied originality and creativity - a result of thinking out of the box. "It's amazing what they can create from waste products that we discard every day," gushed a mother attending the fashion parade.

The Grade 12 learners were given the opportunity to walk the red carpet for their final Wear Art parade. The Gorries served as the paparazzi, snapping photographs of the young designers striding confidently down the catwalk.

Point High had its very own group of Avengers! The grade 12 Visual Art boys formed a united front by wearing home-made costumes depicting their favourite superhero characters - Batman, Superman, Thor and Captain America.

"There's no doubt that fashion designers will arise from this experience. The talent was phenomenal!" commented a grade 10 learner.


Shannon Munn 

WearArt 2014

Karton en lekkergoed papiere

Rok gemaak van springkasteelballe en strooitjies

Rok gemaak van plastiese lepels en swart sakke

Uitrusting gemaak van rubber, foelie en herinde materiaal

Herwinde materiaal, rubber en 'n ou wet-suite

Groep matrieks

Strokiesprente en liggies

Afval hout blokkies en herwinde materiaal

Bubble wrap en plastiek


Written by Shannon Munn
The third annaul Wear Art fashion show was held on 25 April 2013. The grade 10 - 12 Visual Art learners of Point High School had the opportunity to flaunt their intriguing fashion designs.

Bianca van Rensburg's dancers opened the event with a hip-hop dance routine. The grade 10a modeled their artwork first, beaming with pride at their first Wear Art creation. "At first it was nerve-wrecking. Afterwards I wanted to go back on the ramp an do it again," commented a grade 10 learner on modelling her own design.

The audience was over-awed by the designs and amazed by the fact that the articles of clothing were made from waste materials. Chocolate wrappers, duct tape, cool drink labels, bubble wrap and feathers were all manipulated to complement the clothing designs. The audience members were alive with chatter, discussing which items they loved and whether they would wear it or not.

A matric learner, Nadine Schumyn put her love for making clothing out of waste materials to good use and made several Wear Art items. Models wearing her designs sashayed down the catwalk sporting gorgeous wings.

"I feel as if I'm at a real fashion show," commented a learner in the audience. There is no doubt that these talented young artists have a bright future ahead of them.

Foto's deur Tehillah Jansen van Rensburg